Differentiating Pharmaceutical Care From Basic Dispensing

Activities associated with pharmaceutical care are therapeutic monitoring – blood level, signs and symptoms – disease management services – changing protocol to meet your specific needs.

Pharmaceutical care focuses on drug-related problems, not drugs. These drug-related problems may or may not be associated with the dispensing of a prescription. Cognitive services associated with pharmaceutical care include activities such as:

  • Patient consultation to discuss the patient’s expectations and concerns about his or her drug therapy, collects information from the patient, and identifies the patient’s drug-related needs.
  • Pharmacist assessment of the patient’s drug therapy to identify current or potential problems.
  • Development of care plans to establish specific goals, monitoring schedules, and a written patient record.
  • Patient education, recommendations, and referrals that will provide individualized, current information about the patient’s drug therapy; give instructions for proper use of medications; demonstrate special techniques or devices (e.g., the proper use of inhalation devices); and provide health and disease information.
  • Patient monitoring and follow-up at planned intervals to ensure that new drug therapy problems do not develop, therapeutic goals are being met, and actual patient outcomes are evaluated and documented.

OBRA ’90 does not require in-depth examination of drug-related problems. Patient counseling under OBRA ’90 consists of reviewing only basic facts about a prescription, such as how to take and store the medication.

We are a specialized pharmacy practice which can assist the geriatric, pediatric, and disease specific population of Fairfield County.

Our trained pharmacy staff can develop the correct product mix of prescriptions, OTCs and neutriceuticals to meet your acute and long term needs.

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